Years of experience: 25
Position: Founder & Owner

As the Founder and Owner of 1COR Consulting, Tina brings over 25 years of experience with Data Analytics.  Tina's history with Data started with retail and expanded into banking and healthcare before the creation of 1COR.  Now, she uses her experiences from past adventures to help businesses streamline process and analyze data for an increased ROI and visibility into their companies and customer opportunities.


Years of experience: 23
Position: Sr. Business Intelligence Consultant
In the last 20 years, Meggan's scope of work has included finance, education, healthcare, and the non-profit sector. With each organization, Meggan's contributions include automating processes, implementing databases, maximizing the effectiveness of reports and dashboards, and staff support and training. Meggan also has significant experience with company revenue goal setting as well as establishing metrics and goal setting for bonus incentive programs.

We strive to help business owners develop a solid foundation and business strategy so they can be successful. We will help you turn your data into information that can be the basis of actionable plans to improve the overall success of your business.

"1COR took all of my client information from an Excel spreadsheet, added to it, and created/customized a Salesforce database for me.  They knew what functionality I needed in the database even before I did!  They aren't kidding when they say it's their passion to find solutions for their clients.  I am thrilled that now I can easily track my client's phone calls, sales status, commissions earned and business written, etc., all in one spot.  I can even run very specific reports now that I couldn't while using Excel.  Thank you very much for your help and expertise!" 

-Kim R.

Independent Insurance Advisor

"Chelsea has helped VerifyTreatment out tremendously over the past few months. We are so excited to work with her and her team for Salesforce Integrations. 

We first met 1 Cor Consulting through a mutual client. Once we saw the work their company can do, we became fans. They were able to take our technology and create an even better way for our clients to work within Salesforce. We recruited their services to continue to do great work for every client when onboarded. 

Chelsea has been fantastic to work alongside. The commitment to excellence is apparent in her work and attitude about helping others. She has gone above and beyond to work with some of our clients to ensure their success and adoption of new processes and technology. 

Thank you, Chelsea! Our team looks forward to continuing working together!"


Account Executive

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Years of experience: 10
Position: Director of Strategic Development

Chelsea has brought over 10 years of experience with her to the team that originates directly through retail organizations.  With her extensive knowledge of retail processes and analysis of sales, she helps businesses understand the importance of training, organizing, and understanding what customers are looking for.  With the help of data management, she helps drive down to the what and why of business opportunities; and partners with them to ensure they are taking the appropriate steps to succeed.